Sycamore dental group celebrates Smile Month

SYCAMORE – The Collins Dental Group is helping increase DeKalb County’s awareness of good oral health practices and habits during National Smile Month, May 20 through June 20. The education campaign focuses on three key messages: brushing teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste; regular dentist visits; and cutting back on sugary foods and drinks.

National Smile Month is one of the biggest not-for-profit dental health events in Europe. It is run by the British Dental Health Foundation. In the U.S., it is observed informally, but that isn’t stopping the Collins Dental Group from launching a celebration of education and awareness.

The practice has in-office promotions such as fliers, posters and “Smileys” – handheld smiling mouths with toothbrush handles – as well as social media to bring the message of oral health to its patients and community. The doctors, hygienists and staff all embraced the campaign and are taking pictures of themselves with the Smileys to post online with educational messages.

Patients are encouraged to have their picture taken with Smileys so the practice can post them on its Facebook page. Patients can tag them and share the photos with their family and friends, helping to increase awareness of the campaign’s key messages.

Collins Dental Group will bring the campaign and Smileys to upcoming local events.

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