DeKalb County Snapshot

Dietitian dishes up tasty recipes

SYCAMORE – Lynnette Dunn had heard of cucumber water, but never had the chance to try it before May 22.

“I like it,” she said, after sampling the drink in a paper cup. “It’s very crisp.”

Dietitian Becky Sisler explained that cucumber water is a nice alternative to “infused water” for people who need to drink plenty of water. “You get tired of plain old water. You add something to it and it just jazzes it up a little,” she said, noting that people have put lemon in water for years. “This doesn’t have to be fancy.”

Cucumber water was one of three healthy suggestions Sisler offered at her monthly Dietitian’s Dish last week at the Cancer Center at Kishwaukee Community Hospital. Every month, Sisler offers at least three different recipes, which are always healthy and often a little twist on the usual. She gets the recipes from cookbooks, magazines and newspapers.

“I just look at them and try to make them healthy,” she said.

Besides cucumber water, Sisler also served up cowboy caviar and sun-dried tomato pesto last Wednesday. With summer coming up, the two dishes, which she said taste better if you can let them sit a little while, are geared for picnics and other family gatherings.

“They’re fast and easy to make,” she said, as she demonstrated how quickly one can whip them up.

“It’s wonderful,” Frank O’Barski said of the cowboy caviar, which consists of beans, corn, peppers, onion, garlic and cilantro mixed with oil, vinegar, juice, dressing and pepper. He liked it so much, he asked Sisler for the recipe.

Garlic, Sisler noted, is good for fighting cancer. “But that doesn’t mean it tastes good,” one man cracked.

Sisler said the monthly demonstrations are free and open to anyone who wants to attend. Although you should register in advance, so she knows how much food to prepare, some people are already there for appointments. “It’s fun for the staff,” she said, adding with a chuckle, “People start to smell the food and they come out.”

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