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Looking Back: May 22, 2013

Burdette Rainwater, meat department manager, at Eagle Discount Supermarket in DeKalb in 1974. Thanks to James Barker for the photo.
Burdette Rainwater, meat department manager, at Eagle Discount Supermarket in DeKalb in 1974. Thanks to James Barker for the photo.


May 23, 1888

The farmers who planted corn early find much of their seed was poor, and this week they have been replanting.

Plans are being concocted to transform the Waterman grounds and residence in Sycamore to the purpose for which they have been bequeathed – a young ladies’ academy. Waterman Hall will be a large and well-appointed institution.

No work has been done toward completing the city well in Sycamore since the sinking caused by quicksand.

The circumstances under which malaria prevails are complicated and perplexing. It is certain that the cause of the disease is something present in invisible effluvia from the surface of the earth.

The American Educational Aid Association will have at DeKalb some nice boys from 3 months to 6 years old on Saturday, June 2. The children will arrive on the morning train from Chicago and return the same day. Anyone desiring a child will please apply at once.

Alexander Graham Bell may still be spoken of as a young man, for he has only recently turned his 40th year.


May 21, 1913

All people of Sycamore should concentrate their energies now on retaining a factory which has been here for several years, employs some 40 hands, who are being paid with good wages, and which is occupying a building which has recently been sold and which it must vacate at the end of the present year.

The Kane County jail is now caring for a total of 52 prisoners, one of them a woman. Never before has so large a number of Kane County offenders been held at the jail.

Don’t throw away your old lawn mower. Take off the blades and substitute brushes, and build on a canvas shield to catch grass, leaves and twigs, and make a lawn sweeper.

Edith, age 6, had just been told she had two little brothers, twins. She looked very thoughtful. At last she spoke: “That’s funny! Minnie and I both prayed for a baby brother, but we meant the same one!”

The Asiatic Exclusion League of California is drafting a petition for a referendum vote on the alien land bill. The organization is petitioning for a law to exclude both Japanese and Chinese from both land ownership and lease holds under any conditions.

The waters of the Pacific Ocean were let into the Panama Canal on May 20.

The woman who fought for three years in the Civil War in a company with several residents of Sycamore, and concealed her gender until a few weeks ago, has at last disclosed some of the secrets of her life. The soldiers home at Quincy, where she lives, says Albert D. Cashier’s proper name is Georgia Hughes. She was born in Ireland and says she always wore boys’ clothes.


May 25, 1938

Efforts to obtain a better price for the First National Bank building in Sycamore than the $16,250 bid are being made by the executive committee.

Work is expected to be provided for many DeKalb County idle men under a WPA setup.

It is not the rule in DeKalb County to hold court during July and August. But since the death of Judge Allaben in 1936, the other two judges have found their hands full. The illness of Judge Shepherd has thrown an added burden upon Judge Fulton, who is now doing the major work of the entire circuit, consisting of four counties.

A milk truck drove into the ditch near Richardson to avoid running into a car on a corner Thursday. The truck tipped over and spilled 2,200 pounds of milk.

This year’s Memorial Day race at Indianapolis promises to be the most eventful in the long series of 500-mile races. All restrictions have been lifted from the quality and quantity of fuel, permitting supercharging and higher compression ratios than ever before attempted. The new racing cars will be lean and streamlined because they will be single seaters, as it is no longer required to carry a riding mechanic.


May 22, 1963

Genoa people will once again enjoy free band concerts once a week during the summer.

There will be added color and beauty at the Little Seven track meet when the queens appear. Each member school has elected a track queen; Sycohi’s senior class chose Alice Luxton. The queens will have the glamorous duty of presenting trophies, awards and medals to winners of events.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wenger greatly enjoyed serving as chaperones for the senior farewell party of Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Sycamore police have solved the burglary at Scotty’s Lunch and the vandalism at Sycamore Community Park. Several local boys of grade-school age are on parole to their parents but must face juvenile court. Police report that one of the youngsters said he got the adventurous idea from TV.

Walter Thurow reports the Lions have begun to prepare for the second annual Halloween Pumpkin Festival in Sycamore. They are threatening a “hideous face contest.”

An Avenue of Flags has been proposed for the driveways in Elmwood Cemetery for Memorial Day.

– Sycamore True Republican


May 25, 1988

The Armoloy plant on Simonds Avenue in DeKalb has been cited by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency for a hazardous waste storage violation.

Twenty-five peace activists, including two from DeKalb, were found not guilty of criminal trespass in connection with a civil disobedience case.

Northern Illinois University’s softball team has made the final eight in the National Softball Championship.

– The MidWeek

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