Campus Notebook

Veterans group raising funds for nursing scholarships

The local DeKalb County Forty & Eight, Voiture 207 offers two $1,000 scholarships each year to students in the nursing program at Kishwaukee College. Available funds for these scholarships are shrinking, and a fundraising program has been started to maintain them. To donate, mail checks made out to DeKalb County 40&8 Nurse Fund to 40&8, P.O. Box 545, Cortland, IL 60112.

La Societe des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux, or the Forty & Eight, is a not-for-profit charitable national veteran organization established in 1920. The founders based the organization on their military experiences in World War I. The box car of the French railway, which carried 40 men (quarante hommes) or eight horses (huit chevaux) to and from the front, is the symbol of the organization.

The organization is comprised of veterans and active-duty military personnel and has a legacy of charity. The Child Welfare program was founded in 1923 to help children in physical distress. The Nurses Training program, unique to the organization, was established in 1955 to ensure adequate numbers of skilled nurses in times of war and peace. Other programs and affiliations are the Carville Star, Veterans Administration Voluntary Service (V.A.V.S.), Wheelchairs Rolling, Youth Sports, Americanism, POW/MIA, National Box Car and other causes. More information can be found at

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