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Looking Back: May 15, 2013

Photo provided
Children sit on the porch steps of the Mayo home, at the corner of First Street and Lincoln Highway in DeKalb, about 1910. Thanks to the Ellwood House Museum for the photo.
Photo provided Children sit on the porch steps of the Mayo home, at the corner of First Street and Lincoln Highway in DeKalb, about 1910. Thanks to the Ellwood House Museum for the photo.


May 16, 1888

The Shabbona Express said the Democratic county convention held there last week “was not as harmonious as it might have been. To us outsiders it looked as if the delegates from the southern part of the county were ignored almost entirely. Motions were made and seconded and no attention paid to them. This caused a little unpleasantness.”

What wonderful things would happen if, perchance, women should be permitted to have representation as well as taxation!

The most pernicious element in retail trade is the credit system. People have, in too many instances, lived beyond their ready means and are on the wrong end of their accounts.

Dandelion blossoms are out. Wild strawberries are in bloom.

Sunday excursions are not conducive to the general advancement of public morals, and Christian people and order-loving citizens should not patronize them.

The largest verdict of damages for personal injuries ever awarded in Illinois was the case of a Rock Island conductor who was permanently disabled by a collision with an Eastern Illinois freight train. The railroad company has paid $30,000.


May 14, 1913

A lineman employed by the Illinois Northern Utilities company, while working on a pole at Genoa Monday morning, received a shock and fell to the ground. He died about 2 o’clock that afternoon.

A 30-year-old farmer of Marengo died Sunday, three days after sustaining more than 40 gunshot wounds inflicted by an 18-year-old hired man. The youth admitted firing the shotgun at the farmer because he claimed the farmer “teased” him, knocked him down and called him abusive names.

Henry Moline and his little son, Henry Jr., had an exciting experience fishing last Saturday in the milling pond in Geneva. They hooked one of the largest eels ever caught there; it weighed over 6 pounds and measured 38 inches.

The people of Burlington station – men, women and children – had a hard fight Tuesday afternoon to save their town from destruction by fire.

Fifteen girls have been suspended for two weeks and sent to their homes, each under guardianship of a member of the faculty, and two have been expelled from staid old Rockford College for an escapade this week. Accompanied by local young men, the girls went to Freeport and registered as a theatrical troupe. Two couples are said to have gone to Dubuque. The affair has caused the biggest sensation the college has ever known.


May 18, 1938

When the owner of an automobile takes someone to ride with him he immediately assumes responsibility for the care of that person. Those drivers who are not particularly careful of their own well-being should exercise more than ordinary diligence when they have passengers.

The Fargo theater corporation this week took over management of the Sycamore Fargo Theatre. The manager wishes to assure the public that the theater will be air conditioned this summer.

One of the 40 golfers who were on the Sycamore Park links when the storm struck Sunday noon was struck by lightning and knocked unconscious.

The Sycamore school board will request a grant from the WPA for the addition to they Sycamore Community High School building. The addition will be built on the Governor Street side of the building.

Wind and rain storms wreaked havoc in northern DeKalb County, blowing down trees, telephone and telegraph poles. A baby tornado tore through the land north of Sycamore, doing considerable damage.

The Maple Park Junior Prom took place Saturday. A seven-piece orchestra from DeKalb furnished music for dancing.


May 15, 1963

An internationally-renowned DeKalb County son was honored Saturday evening. Dr. Rufus Von KleinSmid, former president and chancellor of the University of Southern California, who was born in Sandwich, was the guest of honor at a banquet in his hometown community.

For the second time within several months the Grimm Pony Farm near Hinckley has been the object of thieves.

A petition will be presented to the DeKalb County Board of Supervisors asking the board to rename a street that now has two names. DeKalb County has officially posted it as Maplewood Drive. A sign is set up on Foy’s land, out of the jurisdiction of the county highway department, that says that it is Foy Road.

Hundreds of chimney swifts zoomed down through the fireplace chimney of a home on Annie Glidden Road and became trapped in the home. ...Recently decorated, the home must be redone. Damage to walls and furnishings, including antiques, will run into the hundreds of dollars.

– Sycamore True Republican


May 18, 1988

The relationship between a city employee and two computer consulting firms the city does business with has the appearance of a conflict of interest, DeKalb City Manager Mark Stevens admitted.

The DeKalb Chamber of Commerce has come out in favor of increased educational funding, but is avoiding outright endorsement of an income tax increase to make that funding possible.

Five local peace activists were among the 60 being tried in Cook County on charges of criminal trespass. The defendants were arrested for entering an Arlington Heights military facility to protest U.S. military intervention in Central America.

– The MidWeek

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