Editor's Note: Welcome to the prom edition

Welcome to The MidWeek’s prom edition.

That wasn’t the original plan. We didn’t intend to have a prom-themed paper – it just worked out that way.

It began with a chance encounter reporter Doug Oleson had while covering an event in Hinckley. He came back and said he had a sweet story about a couple who attended the prom together, then went their separate ways without a second date. Four decades later, after both had been widowed, they rediscovered one another and were married more than 48 years after that first date.

Doug thought it was a nice story for prom season, and I agreed. Later, he suggested doing a cover story on prom in general, and making this story a sidebar. I thought that was a great idea.

Writing that story put Doug in a prom frame of mind, so SideLines this week also has a prom theme.

And when I learned that Heritage Woods assisted living facility was putting on a Senior Prom for the senior citizens who live there, the deal was sealed. That story was too fun not to cover – and the theme was complete.

Hopefully, whether you’re going to prom, know a kid going to prom or just remember the prom, there will be something here to interest you.

• • • • •

When Mother Nature throws us a couple of sunny, 80-degree days, only to plunge us back into rainy, 50-degree weather a day later, I can’t decide if it was a nice break or a cruel tease.

But before I get too deeply involved in my pity party, I have only to look at what May has brought to other parts of the country – anywhere from inches to feet of snow – and I can smile and say, “Hey – at least I don’t live there.”

The forecast looking forward does appear very springlike; hopefully we’re done with the cold stuff.

Here’s wishing you nice spring weather, a safe prom season, and enjoy your MidWeek.

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