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Looking Back: May 8, 2013

An Ellwood family employee mows the lawn in front of the DeKalb mansion in the late nineteenth century. Note the special shoes on the horse. Thanks to the Ellwood House Museum for the photo.
An Ellwood family employee mows the lawn in front of the DeKalb mansion in the late nineteenth century. Note the special shoes on the horse. Thanks to the Ellwood House Museum for the photo.


May 9, 1888

The Methodist conference at New York, by a vote of 249 to 173, decided against seating women as lay delegates.

Complaint has often been made because street lamps were not lighted on every dark, stormy night. In the past, the lighter has not been under contract to light them on moonlight nights or when there was snow on the ground. The Sycamore City Council has decided the lamps must be lighted on each and every dark night, without regard to other considerations.

A large camp of gypsies is established in South Ottawa. They are on their way to southwest Missouri, where, in June, some 4,000 gypsies will assemble for a two-week feast celebrating the coronation of their new queen, Mabelle Lee.

It is something appalling the amount of opium thoughtless mothers give their children in the form of syrups and cordials. Acker’s Baby Soother relieves colic, teething pain and stomach disorders without opium or morphine.

A Rochester, Pa. widow has brought suit for $100,000 damages against a wealthy man because he called at her house four times within a year and will not marry her.

Rev. George Shorb, the blind preacher, lectured in the Methodist church in Genoa last Saturday on the subject, “The fun of being blind.”


May 7, 1913

The saloons at Marengo and Kirkland went out of business last Wednesday night, saloons having been voted out in the recent election.

While Mr. and Mrs. William Paterson were at church on Sunday, burglars pried open the kitchen door and ransacked their Sycamore home. Two solid-gold watches and two valuable gold pins were taken, and their little daughter’s savings bank was broken open and the contents abstracted.

Some 40 men on motorcycles passed through Sycamore early Sunday afternoon, entering the city on the DeKalb road and passing out on Main Street on the way to Genoa.

The Boys Meteor Club of the Methodist Church in Sycamore played its first game of volley ball last Saturday evening in the church basement. The boys will play again on Friday, when the rules will be more clearly understood and the players will be better acquainted with the game.

Dressed in a policeman’s uniform, Grace Smith, slayer of Clarence C. Murphy in Gary, Ind., was hurriedly taken to Crown Point, Ind. and placed in jail. An alleged plan of friends of the slain man to seize her on the way to the county seat and lynch her was thus frustrated.

Akhay Kumar Mozumdar, a Yogi philosopher and a native of Calcutta, India, is the first Hindu to become an American citizen. The application was granted by U.S. District Judge Frank Rudkin; in the past, courts have held against Hindus.


May 11, 1938

Miss Eleanor Elmberg has installed a new 1938 Gabrieleen Permanent Wave machine in her beauty shoppe in Sycamore.

Indications are that there will be no Sycamore horse show this year. The attitude of the chamber of commerce is that with so many horse shows around us, such an exhibition here htis year is not feasible.

Efforts to revive the Mid-Winter Fair and Farmers Institute that flourished in Sycamore years ago seem to have an excellent chance at success.

The businessmen of Esmond are providing free movies each Monday evening.

The Sunday school rooms of the Genoa Methodist church have been fitted as a pleasant place for children to spend time on Sundays while their parents worship.

Sidney Katz, a high school student from DeKalb, reported to the police that his car had been stolen, but later it was returned with the spare tire missing.


May 8, 1963

Brown’s Supermarket, 103 E. State St. in Sycamore, lost $1,000 to burglars Friday night. The professional job was strikingly similar to the one committed at Wells drug store here last year.

Park vandalism seldom strikes before summer, but last Friday, one or more bird-brained brats badly damaged three greens on the Sycamore Park golf course.

Five Points elevator, a busy spot for many years west of Sycamore, has new owners, a new title and has expanded. For many years Five Point Agriculture Service was known as Thompson’s Mill.

Many acres of corn have been planted in our area during the past week, but some fields are still unfit for planting.

One way to discover a well is to fall into it with a truck. That is what Clinton Lyon did Monday morning. Mr. Lyon had lived on that farm for years, but never knew of the well until the odd incident on Monday.

National Food Stores will give away 10,000 S&H green stamps to each of 100 winners this week.

– Sycamore True Republican


May 11, 1988

Ollie’s Frozen Custard, 1208 Sycamore Road in DeKalb, opened three summers ago and has gained a reputation to match its tasty product – as the long lines of customers attest.

City officials are keeping their fingers crossed that when DeKalb’s 5.75 million-gallon water supply system goes to off-peak pumping next week all will go well. The highly-touted computerized water system has had its troubles.

In downtown DeKalb, Eduardo’s is expanding into space once occupied by Barb City Travel. On West Lincoln Highway at Pearl Street, Larry Hickey, owner of Hickey’s Corner Store in Malta, has plans to develop a gas station and mini-mart, a yogurt shop and a laundromat.

– The MidWeek

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