Vanatta attends training on abdominal function

Todd Vanatta
Todd Vanatta

DeKALB – Todd Vanatta, physical therapist at Northern Rehab Physical Therapy Specialists, recently attended a course in Raleigh, N.C. on Visceral Functional Mobilization. This three-day, lab-intensive course focused on gaining mobility of all structures through the abdomen and pelvis to improve performance of everyday tasks or activities such as lifting, bending and breathing.

People who suffer from back pain often have tight and restricted muscles in the back and/or pelvis, as well as limited mobility in the associated joints. Many studies have shown that the structures in the front of the spine, including organs, and one of the breathing muscles, the diaphragm, can similarly restrict motion and function and may benefit from light, non-invasive mobilization of the connective tissue associated with them. Physical therapy can address these dysfunctions as well as train muscle control to reduce pain and restore normal function.

Studies have shown that physical therapy to improve mobility of the abdominal connective tissues can be highly beneficial in reducing spinal, pelvic and shoulder pain.

Additional studies have shown that improving the mobility of the abdomen and associated structures can be highly beneficial in people with chronic constipation, gastrointestinal inflammatory disorders, breathing problems, pelvic pain and dysmenorrhea.

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