Teams compete in an evening of trivia

HINCKLEY – The buzzer sounded before Brandon Kriesch could finish reading the question: “The fly swatter is made of what fashionable item?”

The buzzer, an enthusiastic Hinckley Big-Rock High School student, got the answer wrong; as did a number of others, even after they’d heard the whole question.

The question was part of the high school’s first Community Trivia Night on April 10. Senior Daniel Noll said he came up with the idea as a possible fundraiser for the school’s academic bowl team. Since it was the first time, he said they decided to test it out free to see if there was any interest.

Ten teams of five played eight 6-minute rounds of 10 written questions, along with bonus rounds in which one person from each team answered questions in “Family Feud” fashion, using hand-held buzzers.

“There were too many people to do a ‘Jeopardy’ game,” Kriesch said, adding that he got most of the questions from the “Campbell’s Lightning Round” book.

Like many contestants, sophomore Jacqueline Madden said the questions got harder as the competition went on. “I’m not that smart, but it was fun,” she said with a laugh.

“It just depends on what you know,” teammate Katherine Hall added.

“They were trickier than I thought they would be,” Noll agreed. Overall, he said he was pleased with the response. “There were a lot more people than I thought there’d be.”

“I love trivia,” Daniel’s father, Paul Noll, said, in explaining why he competed. “I have a brain full of nothing.”

Apparently more than that, since his team won, earning the right to have their names placed in a golden bowl in a school trophy case until next year’s competition.

“I thought it was fantastic,” adult competitor Laura Betsinger said, adding that she’d never participated in such an event before. Like many others, she said she’d like to try it again.

“We’re already studying for next year,” junior Caitlyn Fecht laughed. 

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