Escape artist, magician puts on a show

DeKALB – Mario Manzini, the “Guinness World Champion Escapologist,” will appear at the Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb with his “Tribute to Houdini” show at 3 p.m. on Sunday, April 28.

“I’m really excited to work in the Egyptian because it’s an old vaudeville theater,” said Manzini. “They just don’t make theaters like that anymore.”

Manzini, who has appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” “The Tonight Show” and on HBO will bring his Harry Houdini-style escapes and other talents to the Egyptian in an interactive, family-friendly 90-minute show he tailored specifically for the Egyptian audience.

“My main thing is the Houdini-style escapes, but they wanted me to add some comedy magic that will involve some members of the audience,” said Manzini, who noted that “there are only a handful of real escape artists in the business.”

As part of Manzini’s show, he will invite audience members to join him on stage and help with a number of escape tricks, including strapping him into a straitjacket, tying him to a chair with 100 feet of rope, locking him into 15 or more pairs of assorted police hand and leg cuffs, locking him in chains, locking him inside a U.S. Postal Service mail bag and tying him inside a sack.

“The audience can check out the ropes and handcuffs that he is using, which legitimizes the tricks and escapes and illusions that he does,” said Heather Carr, membership and marketing director for the Egyptian Theatre.

The featured act will be Houdini’s water-filled giant steel milk can escape attempt. Manzini will be submerged inside the milk can with the lid locked on. He must escape within 2 minutes, or he could drown inside the can.

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