DeKalb County Snapshot

Hunting down Easter

MAPLE PARK – Aaron Wright only got one Easter egg at Maple Park Public Library's annual Easter egg hunt.

“I only got one egg, and I gave it to Benjamin,” said Aaron, of Maple Park. As a 13 year-old, he felt he was too old to participate in the hunt himself, but the one egg he got he gave to his friend, Benjamin Martin, 11, who uses a wheelchair. Aaron figured that one egg entitled Benjamin to a bag of candy.

“We do it that way so that everybody gets the same amount (of candy),” said Beth Miller, president of the Maple Park Library Board. Every plastic egg had a small figurine or sticker in it, and once participants had emptied their eggs they exchanged their eggs for a bag of candy.

Under sunny skies, the 140 participating children were split into three age groups, 0-3, 4-6, and 7 and up for separate hunts for the 2,000 treasure-filled eggs scattered around the muddy softball field next to the library.

This week, there will be flashlight Easter egg hunts at Katz Park in DeKalb and at Sycamore Park on Thursday evening.

There will be a morning hunt at Trinity Lutheran Church in DeKalb on Friday morning, and there will also morning hunts on Saturday morning in Genoa at Faith United Methodist Church and in Waterman at Indian Creek Middle School.

On Easter morning, there will be a hunt at Federated Church in Sycamore.

For more information on upcoming Easter egg hunts, see the Town Crier beginning on page 36.

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