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Looking Back: March 13, 2013

Trucks travel down a snow-packed Route 30 in Shabbona after a snowstorm that hit the village on March 24, 1947. Thanks to the Shabbona-Lee-Rollo History Museum for the photo.
Trucks travel down a snow-packed Route 30 in Shabbona after a snowstorm that hit the village on March 24, 1947. Thanks to the Shabbona-Lee-Rollo History Museum for the photo.


March 14, 1888
Court adjourned Friday to allow Juror Snyder to go home as his mother had died suddenly Friday morning. On Monday a delayed train prevented two jurymen from getting here, and another adjournment was had until Tuesday. The Wright divorce case is on trial and, being sensational in character, is drawing large crowds.

Dr. Jones’ Red Clover tonic is the proper move when you have dyspepsia, bad breath, pimples, ague, malaria, low spirits, headache, or any stomach or liver trouble. 50 cents.

Geneva had 19 deaths in February. Aurora had 36.

Sixty people who attended a dance at Tyron’s Corners have come down with the measles. A young lady unintentionally spread the malady.

A 9-year-old Rockford lad started for a pail of water for his mother three years ago and did not return until a few weeks ago. He ran away and led a wandering life until he played the prodigal and returned to the overjoyed mother who had waited so many months for the pail of water that never came.

George G. Gerthman, 23, of Genoa has been licensed by the county clerk to double up with Miss Louisa Brill, 20, of Hampshire.


March 12, 1913
A runaway boy was found in Sycamore Monday. He left the home of his sister in Davenport, Iowa, Jan. 22 with a man much older than he was and was passing off as father and son. The boy is a bright, smart, clean-appearing fellow about 12 years old. He was perfectly willing to return to his home.

A large number of Swedish-American Republicans, representing local clubs all over the state, have been attending the annual state meeting of the Swedish-American Republican League of Illinois at DeKalb this week.
It’s a fine thing to be of a good family, but don’t forget that a tree is known by its fruit, and not its roots.

A schoolteacher in a district near Alma received this note from the mother of one of her pupils: “Dear Mis. You writ me about whippin Sammy. I hereby give permishun to beet him up any time it is necessary to learn his lesson. He is just like his father. You have to learn him with a club. Pound noledge into him. I want him to get it. Don’t pay no atenshun to what his father says. I’ll handle him.”

Militant suffragettes in England have started another campaign of arson. Early in the day they set fire to the Saundertoná station of the Great Western railway and burned it to the ground.

Washington society is staggering under the shock of the announcement that the Wilson administration has gone “dry” all down the line. Not only will President and Mrs. Wilson bar liquors at the White House, but Vice President and Mrs. Marshall, Secretary and Mrs. Bryan and Speaker and Mrs. Champ Clark are anti-drink. ...This may change the whole character of Washington social life.


March 16, 1938
The DeKalb County liquor committee refused Monday to amend the county liquor ordinance to allow the 14 tavern keepers in DeKalb County to open Sundays. County taverns must stop selling at midnight between Saturday and Sunday and not sell again until 6 Monday morning. Taverns may sell food over Sunday.

An ordinance restricting parking on State Street between Maple and California in Sycamore to two hours during the daytime, with the exception of Sundays and holidays, was adopted by the city council.

Little hope that an injunction against the strikers at the Murray hat plant in DeKalb will be issued in the next week is entertained by the workers who have remained loyal to their employer. ...Mayor Hakala of DeKalb said workers at the plant put him “on the spot” when they all went to his office Thursday and asked that he deport the strikers as nondesirables.

Property owners will not be amazed to learn there are 174 separate taxing bodies in DeKalb County.

Efforts to correct a serious housing shortage in Sycamore have begun under the new Federal Housing Authority.

John Henry Seadlund, kidnap-slayer of Charles S. Ross, was found guilty Wednesday. ...Seadlund’s comment on the verdict was that he didn’t care. He has expressed on occasion that he preferred death to life imprisonment.


March 13, 1963
Vandals are again choosing mailboxes as objectives of their fun.

It was gratifying to sponsors to have 744 people obtain their Sabin oral anti-polio vaccine Sunday. It appears that almost 30,000 DeKalb County men, women and children have begun the program by which it is hoped polio can be blocked from ever reaching an epidemic stage in the county.

Sycamore’s city council took numerous matters under advisement Monday but failed to do anything of nerve-shattering importance.

The county board of supervisors agreed to eliminate a proposed section for juveniles when the second floor of the county jail is remodeled. A section will be prepared for women prisoners, as the county has not had any provisions to properly care for female defendants or sentenced femaleá prisoners.
– Sycamore True Republican


March 16, 1988
An alleged rules infraction within the DeKalb Fire Department has led to the resignation of one fire department captain and disciplinary action against a second captain and a firefighter.

Chicago Bears quarterback Jim Harbaugh will make a special appearance at the 1988 Spring Show sponsored by the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce.

Some 850 to 900 bowlers raised money for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program by knocking down pins for scores matched by funds pledged. The $38,800 raised this year is the most ever raised at the annual Bowl for Kids’ Sake.
– The MidWeek

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