DeKalb County Snapshot

Southeast Elementary Fun Fair

SYCAMORE – The Southeast Elementary School fun fair was a success before it began on Saturday afternoon.

“We sold 11,000 tickets before we even started,” said Tracy Oczkowski, chair of the school’s parent-teacher organization.

Oczkowski said that advance tickets cost 20 cents each, and 25 cents at the event. She estimated that the PTO sold almost 25,000 tickets by the end of the evening. All of the activities cost one ticket.

“It’s just a day for having fun with our kids,” said the school’s principal, Mark Ekstrom.

Ekstrom said the event usually makes a small profit, but its real purpose is for kids to have a good time with their friends and families. For years, the event was held at the elementary school, but during construction at the school six years ago it moved to the Sycamore High School field house.

“We had it here when we had construction and we never wanted to go back,” Ekstrom said, adding that they did not have room for the four bouncy houses at Southeast.

“They like the bouncy houses the best,” said Trisha Egler of Sycamore while her son Ethan, 6, was waiting to swing a small sledge hammer to ring a bell at the High Striker attraction.

Ekstrom said almost half of the event’s tickets were used at the raffles for items donated to the PTO.

Caden Carrier, 9, busily filled out a handful of tickets to deposit into the paper bags for the raffles, particularly one that he hoped to win for a family member.

“I like the Cubs and the White Sox, but my uncle is a Sox fan and I am trying to win tickets for him,” Caden said.

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