Looking Back

Looking Back: March 6, 2013


March 7, 1888
A farm hand named Holmes came to town Saturday to have some fun with the boys. He had his fun and the marshal had him. Monday morning he received a temperance lecture and a $3 fine.

Every week friends send us papers from other towns which contain some particular notice they wish us to see. If all who send papers would draw a pencil mark around the item they wish us to note we would discover their object in sending the paper.

A juror being examined in the Sell bigamy case said he did not think himself qualified, for, he said, “I’ve known Will Sell for some years and always thought him a nice fellow.”

A 40-pound crocodile covered with woolly hair was captured by a British boat’s crew on an island in the Atlantic and it is now a pet aboard ship. It is apparently of an unknown species.

County clerk Arthur Beaupre is sick at his home in Aurora. His sickness is attributed to sewer gas at the courthouse, which is said to have caused his predecessor’s demise.

There are 172 known species of creatures that are blind. This does not include lovers.

A customs inspector found $3,000 worth of diamonds in a cake of soap carried by an innocent-looking smuggler.


March 5, 1913
There is a general movement in northern Illinois and many other portions of the United States toward community development. ...Though some temporary interests are sacrificed for this great future good, it is worth the price.

This week or next, the wooden building occupied by the Sycamore Preserve Works will be vacated and torn down to make room for a new modern structure which will cost about $25,000.

In 1912, this county was eighth in the number of acres of corn in Illinois, with 145,914 acres. The average yield was higher last year than any year for 13 years at 50 bushels an acre. The average price was 42 cents per bushel.

Robert Holmes will have more friends than ever, for he has purchased a fine Studebaker automobile.

The house question is getting to be an important one. It is up to every owner who has a house for rent to see that it is in a rentable condition.

Bailey Rosette, who was one of the oldest newspaper publishers in this county, has sold the DeKalb Daily Advertiser, and says he will “loaf” for awhile just to see how it seems.


March 9, 1938
The turned-up brims on the new spring models at Ye Bonnet Shop give you a sparkling radiance that the masculine eye cannot resist.

Miss Stella Waterman left her house on Walnut Street in Sycamore for the first time in nearly 30 years Tuesday to appear as a witness in the suit of Guy W. Morgan against Roy Floit, brought because of the death of John Waterman on Route 23 on Nov. 30, 1936. ...Floit was held not guilty in the death.

Suit asking $100,000 damages was filed in Kane County Saturday, the Chicago Great Western Railroad being sued by Miss Hope Gould of DeKalb. The suit results from an accident in which one person was critically injured and another killed when an automobile struck a moving Great Western freight train.
Granges and churches joined in letters to the county board of supervisors, asking that the rule which prohibits the opening of county taverns on Sunday not be rescinded.

The dream of Sycamore city officials for years, to have a ground floor office for the city clerk, is about to come true. The council decided to lease, from Mrs. Thomas H. Roberts, the storeroom more recently occupied by “The Eat Shoppe.”


March 6, 1963
Sycamore Junior High School students under the direction of John Weaver won 33 first place awards out of a possible 50 in the district contest of the Northern Division of the Illinois Grade School Band Association.

A survey will be conducted into the possibility of establishing a junior college near this area. The survey would determine whether an area junior college is practical and possible.

Dr. Clarence S. Sorenson, president of Augustana College, was guest speaker at the annual joint service club dinner in Sycamore Tuesday. The highly-educated and much-traveled minister and educator was scathing in his opinion of the billions being spent on a proposed race to the moon. ...He thinks the expense of the ride to the moon is not worth the price of the ticket.
– Sycamore True Republican


March 9, 1988
“S.S. TNT” is a sick service for tots and teens offered at Kishwaukee Community Hospital for children ages 2 months through 14 years old who cannot attend day care or school due to illness.. The cost is $3 per hour.

A spring enrollment analysis at Kishwaukee College disclosed an upsurge of almost 10 percent in the student population of the college. Enrollment has soared to 3,261, a 9.8 percent increase over the 2,970 students registered for classes last year at this time.
– The MidWeek

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