Editor's Note: Thank heaven for the doers

“I used to ask why somebody didn’t do something about that. Then I realized, I am somebody.”
– Anonymous

Thank heaven for the doers.

Doers are the people who get stuff done. When the rest of us shake our heads and say, “Someone should do something about that,” they are the someones who are quietly doing it.

Last week, a member of my family called me and asked if I knew anyone who wanted a puppy. Long story short, there was a litter of six puppies in peril because their owner did not want them.

I did not, off hand, know of anyone who wanted a puppy. I gave up social media for Lent, so my first inclination to post a query on my Facebook page was no good. I said I would ask around, and one of the first people I asked was a friend who is a doer.

I talked to my family member again the following morning. She said my friend “must be a force to be reckoned with,” because my friend had called her that morning.

She had found homes for the puppies.

All six.

In less than 24 hours.

Years ago, when my husband was badly hurt and in the intensive care unit, this same friend arrived armed with shopping bags: knowing I was too upset to eat real meals, she handed me boxes of granola bars and diet shakes. Then, the greatest gift: she handed me a blank book and a pen. I poured myself into that book for hours, and began to make sense of the muddle swirling around inside my  head.

I admire this woman because she isn’t on a crusade – she’s a wife and mom with a busy life. But if she encounters a situation that requires action, she takes it. She isn’t waiting around for someone else to take care of things.

You probably know some doers. They’re the ones leading the committees or running for office or speaking at public meetings. Maybe you are a doer yourself.

Saving six puppies is not going to change the world. But it makes a world of difference to those puppies, and hopefully to the families who will take them in. Doers are not necessarily out to change the world. They just don’t like going to bed at the end of the day wondering if there was something more they could have done.

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