DeKalb County Snapshot

Full dance card

GENOA – Even though he says it’s fun, Dylan Heid doesn’t go dancing much.

“Sometimes with my dog, but he doesn’t like it,” the Genoa 7-year-old said.

Nevertheless, Dylan escorted his mother, Dawn, to the Genoa Township Park District’s annual Mother/Son Dance Saturday night. While they danced in one gym at Genoa-Kingston Middle School, fathers and daughters were dancing in the cafeteria.

Executive director Paul Bafia said the park district has been hosting the Daddy/Daughter dance for about 20 years. About three years ago, they decided to hold the Mother/Son Dance the same  night.

Mothers were presented with corsages; there were also soft drinks, snacks and a variety of raffle prizes.

It was the third time in four years Thomas and Mara Carter attended.

“She was sick one year or this would have been our fourth year,” Thomas said. His daughter said her favorite dances are ballet and Irish dance.

David Gould was doing double duty as he danced with both of his daughters, Althea, 5, and Autumn, 3, at the same time.

“I hold them both during the slow dances,” he said. “They’re both still holdable. ...For the most part, they just want to run around and have fun. So long as they’re having fun, I’m having fun.”

The Matt and Marina Krueger family was one of many that took advantage of both dances. While Matt was dancing with Sydney, 8, on one side of the school, his wife, Marina, was dancing with John, 7, and 3-year-old  Cole on the other side. It was an extra-special night for them; they were one of two couples to win a limo ride to and from the dance.

It was also a special night for Katie Lang and her 8-year-old son Cody, who were attending for the first time.

“It’s fantastic,” Katie said. “He even asked me to go, but he told me it wasn’t a date.”

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