Lions honor G-K spellers

GENOA – The Genoa Lions invited the 12 finalists in the Genoa-Kingston School District Spelling Bee to dinner at the Masonic Temple in Genoa on Wednesday, Jan. 16. The finalists, three each from the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades, went on to compete in the regional spelling bee.

Sixth grader Ben Reams was the winner of the district spelling bee. Second place went to seventh grader Heather Vance.

Dinner was hosted by Lions President Josh Haka and the Genoa Lions Club, which provided trophies for the first place winner and runner-up. McDonalds gift cards, half of which were donated by the Genoa McDonalds, were given to each participant at the end of the evening.

G-K Superintendent Joe Burgess greeted the students and congratulated them on their success so far. Cindy Bakanas organized this year’s bee and was assisted in judging by Kari White and Emily Fowler. All are teachers at Genoa-Kingston Middle School.

Fifth grade spellers were John Paul Ramza, Miriam Heilman and Alexander Barton. Sixth grade spellers were Zion Demore, Reams and Natatalie Bodie; though Bodie qualified, she did not compete in the district bee. Seventh grade spellers were Vance, Ethan Heilman and Caden Frye. Eighth grade spellers were Grace Villella, Todd Durham and Colin Dvorak.

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