Sycamore Red Wreath program ends with one incident

SYCAMORE – Only one red bulb was changed in the Sycamore Fire Department's 2012 Red Wreath campaign, according to a news release from the department.

The Red Wreath program was established in 1997 to bring awareness to fire and home safety during the holiday season. A holiday wreath with red lights is hung outside the fire station from Thanksgiving Day until Jan. 2. Each time the fire department responds to a holiday-related emergency incident, a red bulb is replaced with a white bulb.

Though there was only one holiday-related incident in Sycamore during the 38 days of the Red Wreath campaign, the Sycamore Fire Department responded to a total of 223 calls during that time. Of those calls, 167 were for emergency medical services, 19 were for motor vehicle accidents, four were for structure fires, one of which resulted in a burn injury, one was for a brush fire and 32 were non-fire responses such as carbon monoxide alarms and citizen assists.

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