Sylvan launches Hinckley location

HINCKLEY – Sylvan Learning of Sycamore will launch a new satellite location in Hinckley, offering Hinckley-area families more convenient access to Sylvan’s services. The new location, inside the Hinckley Public Library, will use Sylvan’s digital learning system called SylvanSync.

Specifically designed for today’s digital students, SylvanSync combines Sylvan’s individualized instruction through a personal learning plan with a new set of integrated technologies.

The system is designed to bring the student, Sylvan teacher and family “in sync” in a more complete learning environment.

“Today’s students are extremely comfortable with digital technology,” said Wendy Kunz, owner of Sylvan Learning of Sycamore.

“This aptitude provides us with incredible new opportunities to transform the ways in which we teach and learn. SylvanSync brings Sylvan’s proven approach to learning into the 21st century by marrying it to the best new educational technology. We are pleased now to offer it to students in the Hinckley area.”

Among the key features of the new system is a teacher’s ability to deliver lessons on the intuitive iPad, instantly engaging a student through a faster, more focused teaching and learning connection. The system also provides parents and students with their own personal website, which allows parents to track their child’s progress.

The SylvanSync “learning ecosystem” incorporates the same Sylvan Skills Assessment, individualized learning plan and instruction that have served Sylvan students for more than 30 years.

“No digital device can replace the instruction of a trained educator,” Kunz said.

“SylvanSync harnesses the capabilities of digital technology to support the instruction that only a teacher can give, and uses that technology to power the Sylvan Learning experience.”

To learn more, call 815-899-8909 or email wendykunz@sylvan3231.com.

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