DeKalb County Snapshot

Students 'chill out' before finals

MALTA – There’s nothing like the old college try.

After failing to win the doughnut-eating contest at Kishwaukee College’s Winterfest last Wednesday, Mark Nicholson gave the pie-eating contest his all.

“I eat so I can eat more,” the freshman from Genoa joked after being awarded the grand prize: a Christmas stocking filled with candy and a $20 gift certificate from Pizza Hut. “This’ll take a year off my life, but it’s worth it. It’s in the name of science.”

The event was sponsored by the college’s Department of Student Activities. Monique Weaver, a senator in the department, said the department holds a different activity every December to help students relax before going into finals. Besides the eating contests, students at Winterfest could make paper snowmen and decorate sugar cookies. Gift cards were awarded as prizes.

“Students will do a lot of silly things if you offer them gift cards,” coordinator of student activities Alilson von Ende said, laughing.

Sophomore Tajh Fort of Chicago said he was going to take the paper snowman he made home to his 4-year-old son.

In the cookie contest, students were provided a variety of decorative toppings. Student Alonzo Zamarron attempted to make his version of “a gingerbread house.” 

“I started to make one, but I kind of killed it,” student Siti Asma said of her cookie creation. “So now I’m just kind of free-styling.”

Kate Harrison may have had the best idea of all.

“I just wanted a free cookie,” said the DeKalb woman as she munched on a cookie with white frosting.

Free was also a big factor in enticing Nicholson to enter the contests.

“Hey, it’s food, it’s free and I’m a college student,” he said.

Unlike his competitors in the pie-eating contest, who either had regular whipped cream on their plate or chocolate, he chose regular whipped cream with a touch of chocolate on top.

“It gives it more taste,” he said.

To celebrate his victory, Nicholson said he would probably have – what else? – pizza for lunch.

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