Treasurer distributes $190M in taxes

SYCAMORE – DeKalb County Treasurer Mark A. Todd reports that the final distribution of DeKalb County real estate tax money was made recently. This year the Treasurer’s Office collected and distributed $190,978,881.09 to DeKalb County taxing bodies. The final distribution also includes $10,152.28 in interest that was earned by the Treasurer’s Office for the benefit of the taxing bodies while the funds were in the treasurer’s custody.

Taxpayers also took advantage of the opportunity to pay their taxes online.

“This year more than $3.7 million in taxes were paid electronically. This has been our most successful year yet for this program,” Todd said.

School districts received 59.83 percent of the distribution, or $114,259,851.09. The next largest distribution went to DeKalb County, which received 10.24 percent, or $19,549,862.46.

The county’s cities and villages received $12,454,546.56, or 6.52 percent of the total. Community college districts received 5.9 percent, or $11,259,285.81. TIF districts received 4.86 percent, or $9,282,809.64.

Townships and road and bridge districts received 4.11 percent of the distribution, or $7,857,662.04. Park districts received 3.51 percent, or $6,702,246.26. Library districts received $4,054,337.59, or 2.12 percent.

Fire districts received 2.04 percent, or $3,887,716.81. The DeKalb County Forest Preserve received 0.79 percent, or $1,500,936.61. Drainage districts received 0.08 percent, or $169,626.22.

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