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Looking Back: Dec. 12, 2012

Trucks travel down a snow-packed Route 30 in Shabbona after a snowstorm that hit the village on March 24, 1947. Thanks to the Shabbona-Lee-Rollo History Museum for the photo.
Trucks travel down a snow-packed Route 30 in Shabbona after a snowstorm that hit the village on March 24, 1947. Thanks to the Shabbona-Lee-Rollo History Museum for the photo.


December 12, 1887
A boy about 18 years of age called Shuey, who has been a bootblack in Sycamore a year or two, is under arrest for stealing a watch and $40 from a railroad man while the latter was intoxicated. Shuey was found at Lake Geneva, Wis. Having purchased some neat clothing with his ill-gotten gains, the young rascal was putting on considerable style at that fashionable resort.

The Sycamore Temperance League has succeeded in getting the Rev. Geo. H. Vibbert, the celebrated temperance lecturer, to deliver three of his popular lectures in Sycamore.

An operation called “intubation” was performed on a little daughter of Rev. Thomas Gault for diphtheriatic croup when it was thought she could live but a few hours. The tube remained in her throat six days and the child fully recovered from the dreaded disease.

A Kirkland paper is to be printed in Genoa. Why not have one printed in Kirkland?

W.H. Rowen, who has been in Iowa, returned home to Kirkland for a two or three weeks’ visit. He likes Iowa but does not mind being in Illinois.

Snow and mud. December one-third gone and autumn lingers.


December 14, 1912
Warden Murphy of the Joliet penitentiary is presenting moving pictures to the delight of the convicts. It is a revelation to the long termers to see the outer world through the eyes of the camera; it gives them a glance into the life they might have lived.

Citizens National Bank of Sycamore has adopted a novel plan to encourage the habit of saving, whereby the depositor will have the opportunity to save a small amount each week and then receive interest thereon.

Last Thursday was the last day for nearly 100 years that the date can be written with three figures alike: 12-12-12.

The checkers players of Kingston have introduced an attraction to the games which makes them more interesting and exciting, so if any of them should be late home to their meals it will only indicate there is a great battle on.

From laborer at $1 a day to the presidency of the largest group of motor car-producing companies in the world, all in a period of 20 years, is the comet-like rise of C.W. Nash, born Jan. 28, 1864, near DeKalb and since 1910 the general manager of the Buick Motor Company’s colossal factories at Flint, Mich.

J.L. Peterson, the hustling manager of the Sycamore roller rink and last season manager of the Airdome, has leased for 10 years the Ryan building on the west side of California Street in Sycamore, and will remodel it into a modern vaudeville and moving picture theater.


December 15, 1937
Fire destroyed the huge elevator of the Hinckley Grain Co. Sunday, despite the efforts of the fire departments of Hinckley, DeKalb and Waterman. The loss is estimated at $50,000.

Christmas is coming to the courthouse, a tree being placed there for the first time in anyone’s memory.

Young people of six Sycamore churches will unite in Christmas caroling on Christmas Eve. The carolers are planning to stop at all houses where there are shut-ins, invalids or sickness and wherever they are asked to. Anyone who wishes them to stop at his house is asked to notify one of the six pastors. If you cannot get in touch with one, leave a light burning in your window Christmas Eve; the carolers will take that as a signal to stop and sing for you.

Sparks from a chimney resulted in a fire that did considerable damage to the roof of a scale house near the I.C. railway in Genoa.

This weekend will see the greatest part of DeKalb Teachers College students returning to their homes for the Christmas holiday.

Assembling at the farm home of Mrs. Cecil Gwin south of Sandwich, 29 neighbors husked 18 acres of corn. Mr. Gwin died suddenly the latter part of November, leaving no one to harvest the corn crop, and the neighbors salvaged the crop.

The first of a series of Factory Nights, at which free entertainment is furnished to the employees of four local factories and their families, will be held in the Sycamore Community Center Saturday evening. Admission will be by ticket. There will be free bowling and swimming and a party for the children. Factory Nights are held once a month throughout the winter.


December 12, 1962
Work has begun on an expansion of Deco Porcelain in Sycamore. The industry has doubled its business since moving from DeKalb seven years ago and is preparing for a gross business of half a million dollars in the coming year.

A new Santa Claus house is being built by Boy Scout Troop 71 and will be placed in front of the Genoa Public Library.

Bob Pritchard, Maple Park farm youth who is the DeKalb County 4-H Federation President, recently attended the National 4-H Dairy Conference in Chicago.

During the past year the public schools of the county have reduced the number of school bus drivers from 120 to 106. During that same year the number of miles traveled to and from school dropped from 3,433 miles per day to 3,393 miles per day.
– Sycamore True Republican


December 16, 1987
Hiawatha’s 560 students and 42 teachers returned to the classroom Monday, ending a 20-day teachers’ strike.

DeKalb County Associate Judge Richard Larson, confident last week that he would be unopposed in his bid for the circuit court judgeship, is now facing stiff competition from DeKalb County State’s Attorney Philip DiMarzio.

Carl Swanson of DeKalb recently brought home a 7-foot-high first-place trophy from the American Bicycle Association BMX Grand Nationals. His two teenaged sons, Brian and Brandon, also race.
– The MidWeek

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