Funds available for food and shelter aid

DeKalb County has been awarded $52,713 to assist with feeding the hungry, housing the homeless and assisting low-income households within the county. The county was selected to receive this award under Phase 30 of the Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program.  This is a decrease of $915 over the 2011 Phase 29 allocation.

Congress has appropriated $120 million nationwide to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to supplement and extend emergency food and shelter programs.

In the past, the county has distributed these funds to a number of local programs throughout the county that are in the business of providing shelter to the homeless, feeding hungry residents or providing emergency rent or utility assistance.

Under the terms of the grant, local governmental or private voluntary organizations chosen to receive funds must: be nonprofit, have an accounting system and conduct an annual audit, practice nondiscrimination, have demonstrated the capability to deliver emergency food, rent/utility assistance and/or shelter services and if they are a private organization, they must have a voluntary board.

Public or private organizations within DeKalb County interested in applying should contact the DeKalb County Community Services Department at 815-758-3910 to receive application instructions.

The application instructions are also available at www.dekalbcounty.org/communityservices. The deadline for completed applications is 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 7.

For more information, contact Donna Moulton at 815-217-0191.

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