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Looking Back: Nov. 28, 2012

A switchboard being hoisted to the second floor of a building for the first operator switching system in Genoa. The switchboard was built by the Leich Electric Co. in Genoa about 1915. Thanks to the Kishwaukee Valley Heritage Society for the photo.
A switchboard being hoisted to the second floor of a building for the first operator switching system in Genoa. The switchboard was built by the Leich Electric Co. in Genoa about 1915. Thanks to the Kishwaukee Valley Heritage Society for the photo.


November 30, 1887
The thermometer fell to 2 degrees below zero Sunday night.

The Kirkland News has ceased to exist. In its last issue, editor D.T. Sherman says he is locating the paper in Hamilton, Ill.: “Myself and family have been kindly treated personally here, by the people, but kind words will not fill an empty stomach or pay bills.”

New, Neat, Novel, Nobby, Newfangled and Nice don’t half express the idea formed while looking at the Hyde & Jones store’s holiday  novelties.

Woman’s Work, a journal of domestic economy, is a bright publication. Its editress is Mrs. Ella R. Tennent, and the ladies would all be interested in her spicy writings. Subscribe for it.

A tobacco factory and also a furniture factory will soon be erected in Clare.

Young people are enjoying themselves these beautiful moonlit evenings by skating parties. The ice on the creek and ponds is in excellent condition for that healthful pastime.

A Dr. Meyer, of Leipzig, has succeeded in reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

Mr. Edward Atkinson thinks that this country could buy the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton for $50 million. He says they are all eager for annexation and he believes the Dominion would be only too glad to get the money.


November 27, 1912
Many a girl is too good-looking to be a lady’s maid and not quite pretty enough to get a job as a stenographer.

Women must have help at times, if they would avoid headaches, backaches and extreme nervousness. The really superior remedy for them is Beecham’s Pills.

Mrs. Alice Stebbins Wells, the woman policeman of Los Angeles, is aiding in the agitation for policewomen in other big cities. “One or more policewomen should be connected with each police department for the sole purpose of receiving complaints from women, if for nothing else,” she said.

Averaging the death rates for 10 years of all the great cities shows Chicago to be the most healthful great city in the world.


December 1, 1937
A 12-year-old girl of Franklin Grove was instantly killed and her 27-year-old brother-in-law injured Sunday when the milk truck in which they were riding was struck by a train.

George McGee, 21, went on a confessing spree for States Attorney Castle this week. He confessed to the burglary at the Hallgren Lumber Co. and at the DeKalb County Dairy Co. In an 18-page confession, McGee went even further and stated that he had coined 30 or 40 half dollars from old silver and had passed them without trouble.

Many a man wishes he knew as much as his wife thinks he does.

The advisability of adopting an official name for the “Little Seven” high school conference was discussed at a meeting of representatives of the eight schools: Sycamore, Dundee, St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, West Chicago, Naperville and Wheaton.

Last year, the American Red Cross cared for the largest number of disaster victims in the organization’s peacetime history.

Christmas street lights have been turned on in Sycamore. A Bethlehem Christmas scene, 12 by 35 feet, will be placed over the front door of the courthouse.

There have been 10 bounties of $3 each on foxes paid so far this year.


November 28, 1962
The Cortland Methodist Church will observe its centennial year with a special worship program Dec. 16.

Driv-Lok Corporation in Sycamore has been listed by the Illinois Bell Telephone Company as one of the 95 firms that contributed to the successful launch of Telstar, the international communications satellite.

As soon as the new building across California Street from the new shipping docks of Duplex Products in Sycamore is complete, it will house an entirely new industry: Sycamore Containers, Inc.

Workmen – local, not North Pole – began building Santa’s downtown bungalow yesterday afternoon.

Raymond Olson  made the third highest corn yield in this FFA section of the state with 170.9 bushels per acre.

We got the word Monday that old Saint Nick will set his helicopter down square in the paving at the intersection of State and Somonauk streets at 2 p.m. Dec. 1. Last year Santa arrived by whirlybird but landed on the Henderson building. It was thought advisable to change the landing spot this year due to the fact it was found a mite risky to land on top of buildings here.
– Sycamore True Republican


December 2, 1987
DeKalb may have a community center in the near future, if park board members approve plans to expand the Hopkins Park pool/bath house

The city of DeKalb has filed six charges of towing ordinance violations against Northern Illinois Towing.

Amnesty will be granted to individuals who voluntarily return stolen stop signs by Dec. 4, reports DeKalb County Sheriff Roger Scott.
– The MidWeek

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