Dancers attempt world record

The Sycamore Performing Arts Academy joined in honoring the Rockettes’ 85th anniversary by participating in the Precision Arts Challenge at the Brookfield Zoo on Sunday, Nov. 4.

Dancers and dance schools throughout Illinois attempted to set the world record for the longest kick line. The National Dance Week Foundation hosted the event. The foundation’s mission is to expose and introduce as many people as possible to the enjoyments and benefits of dance by promoting dance in schools, expanding community awareness and increasing professional development.

At least 41 groups participated in the event. The day began with dance troupes performing throughout the zoo. To warm up the participants the DJ played popular group dance songs like “YMCA,” “The Macarena,” “Locomotion” and “Gangnam Style.”

There was a record set for the most people dancing to “Gangnam Style” at the same time. Dancers attempted to set a record for the most people doing a pirouette – a turn on one foot – at the same time. The celebration ended with the massive kick line. Results of the record attempts will be announced within six weeks.

Performing Arts Academy Artistic Director Jodi Riley said the day was exciting for everyone involved.

“I think most of the crowd really enjoyed the event,” she said. “It was great to see so many dance schools come together and have so much fun. We also had many parents and siblings join in. It was a wonderful event to get involved with.”

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