Scouts thank local vets

KIRKLAND – On Sunday, Nov. 4, Cub Scouts from Genoa, Kingston and Kirkland met at the Northern Illinois Veterans Memorial in Kirkland. Each Cub Scout was asked to bring two or three thank-you cards with a stamp on the envelope. The purpose was to honor veterans by sending a card thanking them for their service to our country. Each Scout was given the name of a veteran living in the area. They found their veteran’s name on the memorial and had their  photo taken. The Cub Scouts wrote thank-you notes to their veterans, and leaders included the photos in the envelopes.

“The boys had a lot of fun with this activity,” said Steve Sarver of Kirkland Pack 82. “In many cases they knew the person they were thanking. Most boys came and asked for more names to find, and they really enjoyed writing the thank-you cards. It is a simple and great way to honor area veterans.”

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