High school presents original play

GENOA – The Genoa-Kingston High School Drama Department offers some homegrown comedy with its fall play, “Under Construction,” Nov. 2-4.

The evening features two one-act comedies. Alan Haehnel’s “Fifteen Reasons Not to Be in a Play” kicks off the production. The show features an ensemble cast pointing out the pitfalls of appearing in a play. From early traumas involving a glory-seeking elementary school teacher to possible disturbances in the global climate, the cast makes its case in hilarious fashion.

The second half of the show features the debut of “Push Button, End Show,” a sketch comedy created by Genoa-Kingston’s Thespian Troupe 867. According to G-K drama director Jon Fromi, the process began back in the summer.

“We got together several times and just tossed out ideas,” he said. “We tried not to limit ourselves, though we wanted the onus to be on topics that centered on students around their age.”

What they got was a mix of reality and fantasy-based material held together by a running plot that one of the students has come across a button that will bring the show to a halt.

“Nobody really knows what the button will do if pressed,” Fromi said. “It gave us something to keep revisiting throughout the show.”

A wide range of topics are presented in “Push Button, End Show.” There is an unwanted reunion of a failed summer romance. Dysfunctional monsters under the bed give way to a humorous look at driver’s education. There are shower singers, “Mythbusters” challenges, amusement park philosophy, an anxiety-filled stage kiss and a campaign against hall passes that goes horribly wrong.

Tickets are available at the door for all three shows. You can also reserve tickets by calling the Genoa-Kingston box office at 815-784-5111, ext. 1301 and leaving a message.

‘Under Construction’

7 p.m. Nov. 2 and 3, 2 p.m. Nov. 4

Genoa-Kingston High School

Adults $7

Students and seniors $5

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