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Looking Back: October 24, 2012

The Sycamore Airport in 1955, looking west from Airport Road. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
The Sycamore Airport in 1955, looking west from Airport Road. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.


October 29, 1887
Aurora is arranging a club of local players with the prospect of going into the state base ball league.

The president has named Thursday, Nov. 24, as a day of thanksgiving and prayer. The people of this nation have many things in common to be thankful for.

Next Monday is Halloween. Some citizens who have had their property destroyed are loading their shotguns with rock salt and preparing to stay up late that evening to give the spirits a cordial reception.

A dance advertised at Genoa last Wednesday was attended by three couples. Evidently Genoa does not believe in dancing.

A.C. Black and Miss Vina McDonald can scarcely be accused of indecent haste in the matter of matrimony. They have just concluded to get married after a courtship of nearly 40 years.

Roller skating will not go out of fashion; Aurora and Rockford will keep the craze going this winter. The Sycamore rink is now used for a machine shop and it is sincerely hoped we may never have another rink opened in Sycamore.

F.S. Tennyson was fined a dollar for swearing on the streets in Elgin. If Sycamore street swearers were treated in the same manner, the city could soon put in an electric light plant with the funds.


October 26, 1912
A party of 10 DeKalb Greeks left here last Monday on the homeward route, and it is said as many as 30 more will leave next Sunday to get into the fight with Turkey.

Peterson & Kempf, the amusement managers, have rented the Sycamore roller rink and will open it for business Nov. 1.

The Kirkland Enterprise states one of Kirkland’s well-known young men visited Chicago last week to see if the report is true that Clark Street has been moved to the west side of the river.

It has been well said it is not the high cost of living, but the cost of high living that is the trouble with Americans. Meat is high, and always will be high, but for the small sum of $10 any Sycamore family of average size can buy in the local market enough vegetables to last them all winter and reduce their meat bill by half.

Two men control between them over one-third – 36 percent – of the active wealth and natural resources of the United States. Those two men are J. Pierpont Morgan and John D. Rockefeller.

The October term of the DeKalb County circuit court will feature the consideration of divorce cases, there being no less than 30 of these cases in which woeful tales of marital troubles are recounted.

Walter M. Hay, who is attempting to ride into office on a graceful straddle of two parties, last week sent the Sycamore Tribune a statement attempting to justify his action. The statement contains two columns and is chiefly notable for what it does not say.


October 30, 1937
Sycamore is a basketball, not a football, community. The high school teams have had far more success in basketball than they have had on the gridiron. Whether that success is the reason that the school is basketball-minded, or if the fact that the school is basketball-minded makes for success is something for someone else to decide.

Teamwork among the Sycamore and DeKalb police, North Western Railroad detectives and the office of the sheriff made short work of the mystery of the burglary of the Campbell service station and the attempted burglary of five local businesses. Two boys, a 17-year-old from Sycamore and a 16-year-old of DeKalb, have been arrested.

Help in the war against drunken driving came today from six service stations in DeKalb County that have agreed not to sell gasoline to drivers visibly under the influence of liquor.

Twenty years ago, northern Illinois was covered with a network of interurban rail lines. ...The rise of the automobile voided the necessity of further extensions and in time made it unprofitable to maintain the lines.

Some relief of the local housing shortage has been obtained through rebuilding large houses into flats and apartments. These converted buildings, however, have not supplied the demand, and there is still need for more houses.


October 26, 1962
There was a mixed reaction in the Sycamore area following President John F. Kennedy’s proclamation which directed the Armed Forces to establish a blockade of Cuba effective at 9 a.m. Wednesday.

At least 1,000 pumpkins are expected to be on display on the courthouse lawn. Did you ever hear a pumpkin head talk? At least one of them will. Did you ever experience a pumpkin-head spook reaching out a long, skinny arm and clawing toward you? That is the sort of thrill that will make you laugh in the court yard Saturday night.

Ground was broken Friday for a new and larger plant for Seymour of Sycamore, Inc.

Following six delightful weeks with family members in California, Mrs. H.W. Hennis has returned to Sycamore. She made the trip both ways by jet plane.
– Sycamore True Republican


October 28, 1987
As a result of concerns raised at last week’s school forum, the administrative council of the DeKalb School District has recommended hiring half-time teacher aides for elementary classes that have 35 students.

Schools in Malta, Sycamore and Waterman will ask voters for a tax increase Nov. 3.
– The MidWeek

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