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Looking Back: October 10, 2012

A youth band poses in front of the Hinckley bank in 1935. If you can identify the band, contact the Joiner History Room at 815-895-7271. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
A youth band poses in front of the Hinckley bank in 1935. If you can identify the band, contact the Joiner History Room at 815-895-7271. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.


October 12, 1887
The taxation question hits the nation’s surplus and the people’s pocket; it must be carefully handled. The greatest good to the greatest number is a correct motto for an honest public policy, and the party coming nearest that standard should govern.

The complaint of foul water in the wells is becoming common. The drought has made the water bitter, and cleaning out the well does not help. It is suggested wood ashes tied in a cotton sack and sunk in the well will purify it.

There are now six prisoners confined in the county jail.

The names are known of those who have been taking lumber from the toboggan slide, and the parties will be prosecuted unless settlement is made within 10 days.

John Richardson of Caledonia lost three girls in the past week to diphtheria.

The Supreme Court has invalidated all of the proceedings of the last three terms of the circuit court of White County. During that period, many thousands of dollars have been paid in court expenses, numerous criminals tried and sentenced, divorces granted and intricate land titles settled. The court finds all of these are void and must be undone. One prisoner has already sworn out a writ asserting the court which tried him was unconstitutional, and the county court was compelled to give him his liberty.


October 9, 1912
The temperature Oct. 4, 5 and 6 was the highest ever recorded in this county during the 32 years an official record has been kept.

The European powers have decided to intervene at Constantinople as soon as possible. War in the Balkans may be averted if Turkey grants reforms in the Ottoman Empire.

Woodrow Wilson, Democratic candidate for president, is addressing honeyed words to the laboring man in the hope of securing the labor vote. He would have the workingman forget the address he delivered at Princeton in 1909, in which he regretted that “labor is standardized by the trades unions” and asserted that such regulation of labor is “economically disastrous.”

Postmaster Hix is enjoying the comforts of a coat made to order for him nearly 40 years ago. Who can beat that record on the clothesline?

J.P. Miller, rural mail carrier, is enjoying his annual 15 days’ vacation. His wife is carrying the mail in his absence.
It is rumored that wedding bells were ringing in Kingston this week. We will know more about it later.


October 13, 1937
Work of grading the Annie Glidden road, the 12-mile highway designed to connect Lincoln Highway with Route 72, has been completed and contractors are pouring on gravel. ...Annie Glidden highway has been the cause of some disquiet among residents of Clare and Kirkland. Suit was brought against the county to prevent the building of the road.

Preliminary work on the new $75,000 St. John’s Lutheran Church building at Main and Ottawa streets in Sycamore is underway.

Judge William J. Fulton this week ruled that a mother’s right to custody of her child is superior to the right of a court-appointed guardian.

The fact that a number of automobiles have been frozen this week is an indication that unless precaution is taken, home water meters will be put out of commission if there is a cold snap. An extra charge will be added to your water bill if the meter is frozen.

Miss Marjorie Andre and friends motored to Chicago Monday, when Miss Andre made arrangements to enter a school of beauty culture.


October 9, 1962
Ideal Industries, Inc., recently took direct action to stir employees into registering and informing themselves as to the people and issues of the election. The firm created and mailed to every employee a two-page letter with the details of registration and other election information of importance.

Gordon Lee of Kingston was injured and his truck demolished when hit by a train north of Kingston Saturday afternoon. He almost made it across.
Less spending on nonessentials and improved administration of the relief program are the most logical means of solving the current financial problems in the state of Illinois.

Patrons who see the movie “The Adventures of a Young Man” in State Theater in Sycamore beginning tomorrow evening will enjoy watching for George Jakes of Sycamore, who appears in the picture.

Sponsored by the Sycamore Lions Club and aided by the chamber of commerce and schools, Sycamore is preparing for its greatest Halloween party in over a century. It will run five days and nights, and the courthouse yard will be the center of activities. It will open with the crowning of the Sycamore Junior High Cinderella, who will ride in a pumpkin carriage in the parade. The party is to be known as Sycamore’s Halloween Pumpkin Festival.
– Sycamore True Republican


October 14, 1987
DeKalb County will say, “good morning, America,” Thursday in front of the county courthouse. Television crews from the ABC affiliate in Rockford will film the greeting for airing on “Good Morning America” Dec. 9.

Since gray is the new fashionable color, the downtown DeKalb community was pleased to see the exterior of McCabe’s Lounge go from bright yellow to sophisticated gray, accented with black and red.

Residents of the Roberts School neighborhood, who protested the removal of playground equipment from the school when the NIU Nursing Department took it over, will be happy to hear the university has agreed to lease part of the property to the park district.
– The MidWeek

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