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Looking Back: Sept. 19, 2012

The First United Methodist Church at the corner of Fourth and Oak streets in DeKalb, circa 1938. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
The First United Methodist Church at the corner of Fourth and Oak streets in DeKalb, circa 1938. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.


September 21, 1887
Several from this vicinity were in Chicago last Saturday to attend the annual reunion of the 8th Illinois Cavalry. About 150 of the old boys and their friends sat down to a splendid banquet. All had a very satisfactory time.

Rev. E.W. St. Pierre married Miss Ella Kirkpatrick, daughter of Smiley Kirkpatrick, one of the prominent citizens of Clinton Township. Mr. and Mrs. St. Pierre left last week for Persia as missionaries. They have a distance of 12,000 miles to travel, which will require a period of two and a half months. Five hundred miles of the trip will be made on either horseback or on camels.

If many more young men in Sycamore pledge to abstain from the use of intoxicating liquor the habit will go out of fashion here.


September 21, 1912
Calvin Lewis, the young man who struck the sheriff’s wife when she opened the door of the juvenile department in the county jail to give him his dinner on Tuesday, then ran and escaped, was captured by the sheriff the same evening.

“Genoa Good Roads Association” is the name of an organization formed at city hall Tuesday evening at a meeting of automobile owners.

Ground was broken last Friday for an addition to the Sycamore Municipal Hospital. The structure will cost $20,000, and the entire cost will be borne by Mrs. Horace M. Stevens. Here is an example of practical charity.

Residents of the neighborhood just north of Virgil station are suffering from an awful affliction in sickness and death from infantile paralysis, and parents are frantic. In the home of Henry Medernach, a 2-year-old baby died last week and a daughter, 6 years of age, is paralyzed from the disease. A 21-year-old young man succumbed to the same disease and a baby in the same neighborhood is low.

Miss Harriet Elsie Ellwood, daughter of William L. Ellwood and one of the heirs of the $10 million fortune left by her grandfather, pioneer barb wire manufacturer Isaac Ellwood, was married at her parents’ home in DeKalb on Saturday.

The Farrell automobile, invented by Archie W. Farrell of Pierce Township, will be manufactured in Hinckley. The car is the only one ever constructed which has traction applied to all four wheels instead of to only two wheels and can easily be driven on roads on which any other car would be stalled.


September 22, 1937
Discontinuance of the Sycamore-DeKalb run of the Chicago & Northwestern railway was announced Monday. The passing of this train is the last step in the discontinuance of passenger service by the Northwestern railway in Sycamore.

President Roosevelt’s train passed through DeKalb County yesterday, but only part of the crowd succeeded in getting a glimpse of the president. Three hundred or more people who had gathered at the passenger station in DeKalb craned their necks as the special rolled by, but saw only secret service agents and others in the presidential party. A group of no more than 30, gathered at the coal chutes, were more fortunate. The train stopped for about 10 minutes to take on coal and water and President Roosevelt was located in the diner car. A cheer arose and he acknowledged the greeting with a cheery smile and wave of the hand. He did not, however, interrupt his meal.

Next week, police will start enforcement of the law requiring motorists to use hand signals to signal their intentions of turning or stopping.

The Waterman airport, officially listed as the DeKalb County airport, will reopen next summer in condition to meet federal requirements. The field has been planted in corn this year.

Denouncing the Nazi attitude toward religion and churches, Dr. Brewer Eddy, in an address here Wednesday, assailed Germany as the greatest menace to world peace at the present moment.

John W. Tilden, young Rochelle newspaper publisher sentenced by a federal judge to serve six months in the DeKalb County Jail for parole violation, was released from custody late Thursday when his sentence was commuted by President Roosevelt.


September 21, 1962
The mystery transient who caused considerable nervousness in the Hampshire area 10 days ago was found wounded in a cornfield. He is a mental patient who escaped from an institution in Raleigh, NC.

School leaders, businessmen and others were asked for their reaction this week to the idea of operating schools 12 months a year, with teachers on a year-round salary and students on a nine-month school year with staggered vacations.

Two bandits failed in their plans to stage an armed robbery of a filling station in Lily Lake a week ago. The attendant saw them coming and noted their masks. He procured a shotgun and waited in a dark corner. Meanwhile a stock truck checker saw them and drove his car toward the station sounding his auto horn. The bandits fled.

For the first time in the history of the community, enrollment at Hiawatha High School has exceeded the 200 mark.
– Sycamore True Republican


September 23, 1987
When it comes to downtown revitalization, hiring a person to manage the downtown is vital, the executive director of the Galesburg Downtown Council said at the second meeting on DeKalb’s downtown revitalization.

A self-help group for women who feel restless, unfulfilled or downright discouraged is being formed.
– The MidWeek

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