Tollway announces crackdown

The Illinois Tollway last week announced plans to pursue its worst toll violators by filing lawsuits against them in court.

“We are sending a clear and strong message to these chronic violators who use the tollway regularly without paying: ‘Your time is up,’” said Illinois Tollway Executive Director Kristi Lafleur.  “Anything less would be unfair to the 98 percent who pay their tolls on time.”

Up to this point, the Illinois Tollway has sent violators at least five notices, called them at least four times and offered them multiple opportunities to enter a settlement agreement with the option to use a payment plan. The entire process takes nine months to more than two years from the time a violator receives a first violation notice to the point at which a judgment is filed in court.

“This zero-tolerance policy is the only option we have left to make sure that these chronic violators end up paying their fair share,” said Illinois Tollway Board Chair Paula Wolff.

Violators should call the number on their notices for more information about how to resolve their debt.

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