'Heroes' build recycling shed

GENOA – The DeKalb County Animal Shelter is all about recycling: recycling dogs and cats into new homes, old towels and blankets into pet bedding and newspaper into kennel liners. The shelter recycles heat from the laundry to keep the temperature cozy. It recycles empty cat food cans and donated aluminum cans, not just for the money but to be green.

Employees at Lowe’s Home Improvement in DeKalb chose the shelter for their hero project. A crew of volunteers from the store provided, built and painted a shed on the shelter’s property to house all of its cans for recycling.

“Until Lowes’ generosity provided the shed, we chased cans all over the property, blown by the wind, carted by critters and generally hard to contain,” executive director Roberta Shoaf said. “Now, thanks to our heroes, we have a new recycle shed to help us help our residents and our environment.”

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