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Looking Back: Dec. 24, 2014

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Golfers at the Sycamore public golf course during the city's annual Fun Day in 1950. Thanks to the Sycamore History Museum for the photo.
Photo provided Golfers at the Sycamore public golf course during the city's annual Fun Day in 1950. Thanks to the Sycamore History Museum for the photo.


December 25, 1889

On Thursday, burglars made a general raid in Sycamore. They first broke into the blacksmith shop and secured some files and tools, after which they effected entrances to seven businesses and the depot. Very little plunder was secured. A clue points strongly to some of our local talent as the thieves.

It can no longer be denied that diphtheria in its most malignant form is prevalent in the city of Rockford. Many people are leaving the city with their children.

The thermometer indicated 60 degrees above zero in the shade yesterday.

There can be no doubt but that Aurora has picked up wonderfully of late, and no good purpose can be served by stating the contrary.

There is such a western demand for freight cars that the railroad companies are unable to either buy or borrow enough for their needs.

The young man who lost a leg at Richardson station last Tuesday is doing remarkably well, and his amputated leg promises to heal before his broken arm does. He receives $7 a week for one year and about $116 from his accident insurance policy.


December 23, 1914

The DeKalb County board of supervisors will do their share to eradicate the hoof and mouth disease from DeKalb County. At a special meeting Saturday afternoon, the board authorized paying men employed in fumigating infected premises, the total not to exceed $6,000.

First move of the farmers looking to court action in the fight against the slaughter of their herds infected with hoof and mouth disease was taken at Algonquin Saturday, when Fred Myers refused to consent to the slaughter.

The taxes to be paid in Sycamore next year will be less than last year, which will indeed be welcome to the people who pay it. The reduction will be made on all taxes except the school tax, which will be 8 cents higher, and the town and hard roads taxes, which will be the same. The reduction compared to last year is about 5 percent.

Adolphe Franzese, an Italian of Carpentersville, died last week as the result of a bullet wound inflicted by August Manne, well-known Elgin Italian. The Black Hand, the secret and dreaded organization of the Italians, was interested in the crime.

Ice is a luxury and yet may be had for the gathering if the farmer is prepared for the harvest at the right time. The cost of harvesting and storing ice is not great compared with the comfort it brings.


December 27, 1939

Approximately 80 baskets of food were distributed by clubs and organizations in Sycamore Saturday. In addition to the baskets, the craft room of the Community Center sent toys to 109 Sycamore children.

Now that Christmas is over and the highly decorated and brilliantly illuminated balsams will be taken down within a few days, the reminder is made that they can be saved and not burned, so they may be added to fuel for the bonfire on Twelfth Night, Jan. 5.

A total of 215 motorists have been barred from Illinois highways under the driver’s license law which became effective this year because of physical handicaps. Nineteen motorists who knew how to drive Model “T” Fords but were unable to master the gear-shift have been limited to operating cars equipped with planetary transmissions, and six other drivers have been restricted to automobiles with hand-operated air brakes.

Herbert Hoover, former president and head of relief in Belgium in the World War, is at the head of a national movement to provide funds for suffering people in war-stricken Finland.

Poor brakes caused a hijacking scare Tuesday evening. After an intensive search, it turned out that the truck believed to have been stolen was found a block away from where it was left; an examination showed the brakes had failed on a slight incline.


December 23, 1964

In an unprecedented action, Postmaster General John A. Gronouski issued an order last week that gives the greater part of the nation’s postal clerks and carriers a three-day holiday.

Old Man Winter moved into the area Monday for a stay of several month. The unwelcome relative arrived with a trunk full of ice, a bag of snowballs and an icicle necktie.

The technical difference between garbage and trash has become a matter of concern in Sycamore. Downtown trash cans on State Street are for trash only; garbage pickup is on contract with a firm that specializes in that sort of thing, and likewise, trash cannot be included in garbage pickup.

– Sycamore True Republican


December 27, 1989

The city of DeKalb has moved four of its departments across Fourth Street to the new city annex. The move provides more space for these departments and for police detectives and other departments filling the vacant offices at city hall.

DeKalb and Sycamore residents wishing to recycle natural Christmas trees rather than having them landfilled may do so Dec. 27 or Jan. 3. The trees will be chipped and ground and the resulting mulch made available to anyone who wants to pick it up.

Crime Stoppers is seeking information on a series of arsons that have occurred over the past four months in the rural areas southwest of Shabbona. On each occasion, an abandoned house has been burned during the late evening hours.

– The MidWeek

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