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Looking Back: Dec. 10, 2014

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World War I recruits, packed and ready to go, in front of the DeKalb County Courthouse in 1917. Thanks to the Sycamore History Museum for the photo.
Photo provided World War I recruits, packed and ready to go, in front of the DeKalb County Courthouse in 1917. Thanks to the Sycamore History Museum for the photo.


December 11, 1889

Jefferson Davis, ex-President of the Confederate States, died at the residence of his lifelong friend, J.U. Payne, at 12:45 Dec. 6.

On Monday, the Sycamore City Council gave the special committee power to act in the matter of purchasing a hook and ladder truck for the city. A contract of $250 was made with the E.B. Preston company of Chicago.

A church is a house set apart for worship, and within its walls one feels a certain reverence. The custom of giving concerts and various entertainments in such a place is jarring to the sensibilities of many.

Such summer-like December weather astonishes the old settlers. Monday the thermometer in the sun registered 104 degrees above zero, and the farmers were at work finishing their plowing. The editor has picked from his garden a bunch of pansies every few days for two or three weeks, and the grass is springing up as green as in May.

Evidence of the popularity of the goods canned by the Sycamore Preserve Works is the announcement that the company is arranging to more than double their business in the ensuing year.

While driving by Norwegian Grove Saturday, Mr. Turner spied a large bald eagle perched on a treetop. He drove to town and got his gun, but on his return the proud bird had disappeared.

Lewis Newton, with his long legs and long hair cut a la Oscar Wilde, hurried about our streets for two or three weeks as if some great responsibility rested on his shoulders. He was preparing for what he termed a “grand” concert. It came off last Friday and was a poor entertainment, as any intelligent person could have told him beforehand.

The juice of a ripe pineapple is said to be an infallible remedy for diphtheria.


December 9, 1914

The beauty of a Christmas tree does not depend upon the amount of money which has been expended on it. Indeed, the merriment of creating your own decorations has far more the real spirit of Christmas than a hurried visit to a store where these things can be picked up on short notice.

The new factory deal is all settled and the Kohler Die & Specialty Company plant will be located in DeKalb.

Some three inches of snow fell Monday night, the first snow of the season to remain even a few hours.

In the last nine months there has not been one person injured or killed in an automobile accident in Portland, Ore., because in Portland, the driver of an automobile who exceeds the speed limit is put to work on the rock pile for from two to 30 days. No fines accepted. If the driver is convicted, he must do his time at hard labor and no exceptions are made.

Women have suffered from dress hysteria, and men with them, since Eve left the Garden of Eden with the two possessions she acquired there: clothes and a husband. But never has the hysteria been so general as in the last few years in America. Never was there such determination on the part of everybody to look like everybody else, only more so.

Veterinarians and officials slaughtered the herd of 32 cattle and 88 hogs owned by Gus Medine Friday. The adjoining farm has also been infected with hoof and mouth disease and quarantined. It is expected all the cattle and hogs on that farm will be killed in a few days.


December 13, 1939

The county’s tuberculosis tests for the year will be completed Wednesday, when high school seniors will discover whether they have the disease.

Slaughter of at least 50 sheep by dogs on the Nelson farm Monday night sent the sheriff and deputies on the trail of the killers. The penalty for a sheep-killing dog is execution.

Boy Scout Troop No. 2 of the First Methodist Church of Sycamore is raising funds to furnish and heat a room in the church for boys’ work, to be named the O.T. Willard room in honor of the man who has given so much time and effort to that work.

The program for getting electricity to Illinois farmers is moving forward at an exceptionally swift pace. Between July 1 and Oct. 31, the Rural Electrification Administration provided for the construction of 4,387 miles of power line to serve 9,896 rural residences in Illinois.

Allen Campbell bowled a total of 741 pins in three games Thursday afternoon. He made 14 straight strikes; four in one game and 10 in the other.


December 9, 1964

Over 1,000 voters of Sycamore School District 427 are expected to go to three polling places Saturday between noon and 7 o’clock to decide whether or not the board of education shall float a bond issue of $1.5 million to build a badly needed addition to Sycamore High School.

There must be an understanding soon about where Sycamore ends and DeKalb begins, otherwise someday the fire trucks of the two communities might have a head-on collision going to the fire.

Santa greets children in Sycamore Saturdays from 2 to 5 and every evening from 7 to 9.

– Sycamore True Republican


December 13, 1989

Genoa-Kingston School District unionized employees will strike Jan. 3 if there is no contract settlement by then, while in nearby Kirkland, a ratified contract is expected this week.

Two organizations are in the first stages of creating a not-for-profit organization which could mean a fresh infusion of cash for neighborhood redevelopment in DeKalb’s Third Ward.

Glen Goering is gearing up for McCabe’s eighth annual Christmas Day dinner. The traditional holiday feast is free and open to all who would like to celebrate the day with others.

– The MidWeek

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